Lansor IT Services,

een bedrijf van Berry Lansen.

14 years of active experience in the field of Mobile Telecom. Started in 1999 for Nokia Netherlands( nowadays NSN). Then  contractor triple A networks . Worked for the big Chinese vendor Huawei on 3G Telfort pilotproject . Plus last position in the Netherlands was Site Engineer at T-Mobile Netherlands, which included the full project management of subcontractor and development of mobile telecom sites .

The tasks that I performed  where , Price calculation, RF, Transmission, Civil, Landlord relations, reworks, acceptance, integration, troubleshooting, trouble ticket management, technical surveys.

Nowadays I deliver a wide range of services for home users or small businesses. Such as Ip camera installation, Wifi installations, ADSL router replacement installation, Satellite internet installations, WordPress websites , webhosting.

I’m always keen in new developments

Berry Lansen

Berry Lansen

Managing director