Airplay for Amiko Alien

Since 1.2.68 Spark Firmware, the alien has AirPlay under the hood.

For a iphone airplay is set to work through the following steps

1. connect your iphone/ipad and spark box to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Make sure Airplay is activated on spark box .Go to menu>system>basic setting >Miscellaneous setting>Airplay setting, enable Airplay and input the airplay device name as you want.

3. Turn on Airplay in a specific app — Photos, Videos and Music with your iphone/ipad. For Videos, the button is on the control bar that pops up when you touch the screen.

4. Tap the Airplay icon to display a list of available Airplay devices. Select the name of your spark box.

5. if everything is ok, airplay will let your wirelessly Photos, Videos and Music what’s on your iphone/ipad to your spark TV.


To get it working with android download a capable airplay app, the one I use is Steambells

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