Amiko crossepg and cooltv guide a explanation

Amiko crossepg and cooltv guide, what are they?  

CrossEPG is a plugin for automatically downloading and compiling epg (electronic program guide) information.

Without it you would only get now and next for your epg info in the uk, with it configured correctly and running you will have a full 7 day program information.

Cooltvguide is a graphical epg system so you can easily see what’s on your channels now and later, with both cooltv and crossepg you will get a program guide similar to sky and virgin..

Cooltvguide is only available on Enigma and CrossEPG  ia available on Spark and Enigma.

CrossEPG is merly the method used to download EPG data from those providers that don’t transmit EPG data in a standard format, so it’s not the actual EPG itself as in anything to physically see.

With Spark firmware 1.2.68 the crossEPG is improved and can be accessed as follows:

It’s built into Spark, just press the EPG button then F1 to configure it, its the exact same as the E2 version.

The full schedule of EPG can be found by pressing EPG button and then Green button.


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