From 31st august 2013 Tooway MAX will disappear and will be replaced by Tooway XXL

From of 31 august 2013 we offer the Tooway XXL in UK and Ireland( from 30th september in whole of Europe), which offers the same speeds as the Tooway MAX, at the same cost, but with a 50 GB per month data allowance.

Eutelsat are withdrawing the UNLIMITED data Tooway MAX (Absolute) in all countries following a high take up on some beams of so called ‘abusive’ users. On some beams this was leading to 30% of the capacity being used by just 3% of users. 

It appears that some Tooway MAX customers were using the product to backhaul internet cafés, servers, and other very resource heavy commercial activities which was in turn effecting network quality and peak speeds for other users in the countries concerned. Steps are being taken at network level to manage abusive users’ effect on ordinary consumer customers and indeed this is on-going on all beams and products.

Tooway MAX whilst unlimited, is only a consumer offering, and Eutelsat are investigating all heavy users and where commercial activity can be detected, they will take action to limit or throttle these connections.


Existing Tooway MAX customers will not be effected!


See images.






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