Shetland Wildlife – Hugh and Michelle Harrop

Who they are


Shetland Wildlife is an award-winning eco-tourism business operating in the Shetland Islands. Shetland Wildlife were the first operators to discover the potential Shetland has as a world-class wildlife-watching destination and with twenty years in business, they have now operated over 600 holidays for visitors and have won the ‘Tourism and the Environment Award’ – the highest accolade in Scottish tourism.

Overview of the problem

shetland-pictureHusband and wife team Hugh and Michelle Harrop, owners of the business, chose to live in Shetland for its natural beauty, abundance of wildlife and the true community spirit. Business has been good for Hugh and Michelle over the years but the real thorn in the side has been inadequate broadband speeds. Being situated over four miles from the local BT exchange has meant their current service provider offered them download speeds of around 500kbs and upload speeds of considerably less.

As an award-winning photographer, Hugh supplies much of his work to wildlife magazines, stock agencies, TV companies and national newspapers. Most of his customers work within rigid deadlines and delivering media electronically has become essential. The lack of decent broadband speed was becoming a major problem as they simply didn’t have the bandwidth to send five or six images at a time and were beginning to lose sales. Also social media is an essential tool in their marketing mix, allowing them the ability to share some of Shetland’s most exquisite wildlife photography.

Hugh and Michelle said…

Once upon a time sending a 500mb worth of images or a single HD video used to take all night, but now, with satellite broadband from ToowayDirect it can be done in a matter of minutes!

The solution

After seeing a neighbour, who also runs her own business with a Tooway satellite broadband dish, Hugh tested the functionality and was amazed that ‘fast and reliable broadband was clearly available anywhere’. Hugh’s neighbour recommended him to look up the local Tooway representative and after mentioning the great service he also received, Hugh immediately contacted ToowayDirect.

The ToowayDirect customer service team pointed Hugh towards the Tooway 18 tariff to give him the freedom of bandwidth and the speed he required. The Tooway dish was installed smoothly a few days later and Hugh was up and running within an hour.

The happy customer


Tooway broadband from ToowayDirect has transformed the way we do business. It’s not the cheapest but it has more than paid for itself by meeting our customers demands It feels like we are finally back in the 21st century and the support and speed from ToowayDirect has been seamless in getting us up and running. In the last couple of days, BT announced that upgrades to rural broadband in more remote parts of Shetland were unlikely so our switch to Tooway has made double sense.

Tooway from ToowayDirect is clearly the way forward for anybody that lives in a remote area and suffers from ridiculously low broadband speeds and we have no hesitation in recommending it, I have already recommended ToowayDirect to over a dozen people, and will continue to do so!

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