Steve Palmer

Steve Palmer

Who is Steve Palmer?


Steve is a blogger who in his own words “since 2004 has been blogging about significant people, places, sights and sounds of his world”.

For as long as Steve could remember it seemed to him that everyone else (apart from the rest of his neighbours in his immediate area in Kettering, Northamptonshire) were getting faster connection speeds than him.

Steve takes up the story on his blog:-

“When the houses were built 20+ years ago, they made no provision for the ‘information super-highway’ and recently, the mighty Virgin confirmed they had no plans to change things – even though we occasionally get mailshots from them promising us bolt-like speeds.”

“BT have been strangely quiet, and even Sky wouldn’t sell me their broadband package because of the (low) speed.”

“The simple truth is that, for broadband-by-phone, we live too far away from the Exchange. On a good day, I might just get a 1.25 Mb/s download here, but as the work-day progresses, it just gets slower and slower – and many of our neighbours are languishing with speeds even slower than mine. Technology can put a robot on Mars, but it can’t get Tynan Close a 2 Mb/s broadband connection! It’s soooo sloooow that services like iPlayer and YouTube sometimes won’t run at all on our TV.”


So after years of constantly below-par broadband speeds, Steve says he “finally ‘bit the bullet’ and did something about it!”

We don’t feel its right to blow our own trumpet too much here, so if you want to know more about Steve’s situation which is typical of so many customers we speak to, read what he did next and how he feels about Tooway!

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