Tooway services climb to 20 Mb

What was already the fastest satellite broadband service in Europe just got faster; as from 1-2-2013  the top 4 Tooway domestic broadband services increase to a truly rapid 20 Mb download for new customers. For some types of users the maximum available upload speed of 6 Mb is even more compelling; more than ten times what most wired broadband providers can manage.

As well as better speed, the revamped Tooway services offer better monthly data allowances as well as unlimited data on some tariffs.  The top of the range Tooway MAX now offers completely unlimited data at all times for really heavy users. The Tooway L and XL offer subscribers unlimited data at night (11.00 pm to 7.00 am local time) helping users carry out large file downloads like HD video, movies or big software upgrades at times when it won’t affect their overall monthly data allowance.

Despite the insatiable rise in demand for the internet caused by the proliferation of smart phones and tablet computers, and the latest feature rich media platforms, more than 12 million households across Europe are still without fast, reliable broadband. Although fixed line broadband providers continue to say that speeds are improving, most will say ‘off the record’ that there are no funds available to improve the key rural infrastructure which stops the latest fast fibre services reaching so many people.

It seems that the smaller numbers of users in out of town locations don’t justify the investment by telecommunications companies in digging and laying fibre, or in replacing the antiquated copper overhead wires. Governments across Europe are so strapped for cash they certainly can’t help for the foreseeable future.

Many rural users have had their hopes pinned on mobile wireless networks like 3G and 4G, but despite extravagant speed claims by the PR departments of the cellular networks, at ToowayDirect we’ve yet to meet or speak to a rural cellular data user who feels the services are consistent enough for anything apart from very occasional or emergency use. The user experience just doesn’t match up to the broadband hype.

Along with the improved Tooway data and speed offerings, there’s been some improvement in price on the more costly heavy user and unlimited tariffs. With fixed line broadband providers steadily moving away from the ‘all-you-can-eat’ model to one where you pay for the data you use, this means that Tooway satellite broadband will be competing directly with fixed broadband service like ADSL. The poor overall speed of fixed line broadband across Europe means that many even urban dwellers have trouble making full use of demanding applications like video-on-demand. Now with 20 Mb download literally anywhere, Tooway can plug this gap in the market.

The Ka Sat satellite which is the cornerstone of the Tooway service has a massive capacity of 90 Gbps, and with the ability to put a fast broadband connection anywhere in Europe, however remote, its transforming the market for satellite originated broadband services. The satellite forms the cornerstone of a hi-tech Eutelsat communications infrastructure which includes a sophisticated on-ground network of eight earth gateways right across Europe, all inter connected by a fibre backbone ring.


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